About Me

My Story

I cut my first voiceover over 25 years ago. During that time, I followed a meandering career path, working in hospitality marketing, advertising, audio and video production, restaurant management, and DJing – at nightclubs, private events and pulling on-air shifts in Hot AC, Oldies, & Active Rock radio formats. The only constant through all this was voiceover work. In early 2003, I took the plunge and went full time freelance. At first, I kept up with the live stuff, DJing and announcing at clubs, parties, and live events ranging from high level corporate meetings to cage announcing MMA fights. I liked this combination of in-studio and in-front-of-a-crowd, so I stuck with it. And here we are.

My Mission

Starting out, I produced mostly spots for car dealers, concerts, sports events... pretty much anything you could end with a heavily reverb'ed "BE THERE!" and some explosions. While this was fun,  I discovered that I liked telling stories. Narration. Creating real characters. Taking even short scripts and bringing them to a different level, crafting an experience that drew listeners and viewers in instead of beating them over the head.

That was it: I wanted to tell stories. Whether it's a long form documentary or a 15 second radio ad, there is a story to tell. And it's my mission to tell it.

My Gear

Microphones include a Neumann TLM102, CAD Equitek e100S, EV RE-27/ND, Shure Beta 87A, and a hand built custom ribbon microphone. Preamp duties fall mainly to a custom designed pre based on the legendary Neve 1073, with an HHB Radius 40 and Warm WA12 when I'm looking for a bit of a different tone. I work out of a sound-dampened booth with a -60dB noise floor, sending audio through a MOTU Ultralite AD/DA converter to a desktop Mac with on-board processing from Waves, iZotope, Voxengo, and others. There's a full library of licensed music and sound effects ready to use and producers may direct live via phone patch, Skype, or SoundStreak. Post-editing audio to picture is available. Output up to 192KHz/24 bit in most formats, delivered via FTP, email, cloud, or even by an old-fashioned CD.