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From suit & tie to shorts & a t-shirt, live

announcing to fit your event

Under the bright lights inside the Megagon. Bruce Buffer stole his best stuff from me. (not really)

On location at a Nashville Predators: Beneath The Ice game shoot. Sometimes, this job is awesome.

I love this picture: Enthusiasm. Energy. Passion.

A neon wristband.

Event Announce / VOG Demo

The live event. There's only one chance to get it right.


Here's the weird thing about event announcing: a great announcer can't save a lousy event. But a bad one can drag down the energy of a great one and stick out like a NASCAR t-shirt at a black tie affair. That's where the art of announcing a live event comes in: tailoring tempo, tone, and word choice to complement everything else that's going on. And being able to do it on the fly.


Whether the event is for 50 or 50,000, no producer wants their hands tied by an announcer that doesn't get it. How about an experienced announcer who's worked other positions at live events and could help out as needed?


That's me. Get a free custom quote for your event and put me to work making it a great one!

Give your corporate event the finishing touch - a live announcer! (this is just a tech rehersal - I would have taken a pic of the packed house but I was kinda busy at the time.)

Like what you see? Or hear? Then, like I say at sports events...



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Over 25 years experience in voiceovers and live announcing. Specializing in narrations, commercials, & characters and live announcing award shows, benefits, corporate functions, and all sorts of sports events.

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