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Whether it's cornerstone narration that carries the story and transitions from element to element or minimal VO that stays in the background and supports the visuals, the story is almost always better with narration that fits.

Beneath The Ice

Sheep Shape Segment

Dramatic & Lyrical

Hype Video Narration

Commercial Reads

High Energy

Low Key

Attitude & Edgy

Auto Dealer Demo


There's a million ways to approach a commercial, from hard sell spots like the ones I cut my teeth on to soft, quiet, and intimate reads, like friends sharing a very  important secret. Here's a variety of commercial reads, including a demo just for auto dealerships.


What's a story without characters? Whether it's an angry space unicorn from Omicron 6 or the guy everybody wants as a next-door neighbor, character voices fit well in commercials and narration. And characters can get away with the outrageous, controversial, or kooky things that would get the rest of us in trouble.

General Character

Southern Charmers

Blue Collar

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Over 25 years experience in voiceovers and live announcing. Specializing in narrations, commercials, & characters and live announcing award shows, benefits, corporate functions, and all sorts of sports events.

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