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Still in high school, I cut my first voiceover, a commercial for a bowling center – that was over 25 years ago. Following a meandering career path, the one constant through all this was a steady stream of voiceover work. It was the only thing I was always doing, regardless of my 'day job'. In early 2003, I took the plunge and went full time freelance. Since it was slow going at first, I kept up with the live stuff, DJing and announcing at clubs, parties, and live events ranging from high level corporate meetings to cage announcing MMA fights. I liked this combination of in-studio and in-front-of-a-crowd, so I stuck with it. And here we are.

My Mission

The early part of my career was almost exclusively high energy, hard sell radio spots... car dealers, concerts, sports events, pretty much anything you could end with a heavily reverb'ed "BE THERE!" and some explosions. While this was fun, I kept having the nagging sensation that I was missing out on work I would really enjoy. I discovered that I liked telling stories, taking  scripts and bringing them to a different level, crafting an experience that drew listeners and viewers in instead of beating them over the head.

That was it: I wanted to tell stories. Whether it's a long form documentary or a 15 second radio ad, there is a story to tell. And it's my mission to tell it.

My Gear

Microphones include a Neumann TLM102, CAD Equitek e100S, E V RE-27/ND, Shure Beta 87A, and a hand built custom ribbon microphone. Preamp duties fall mainly to a custom designed pre based on the Neve 1073 design, with an HHB Radius 40 and Warm WA12 available. I work out of a sound-dampened booth with a -60dB noise floor, sending audio through a MOTU Ultralite AD/DA converter to a desktop Mac with on-board processing. There's a full library of licensed music and sound effects available and producers may direct live via phone patch or Skype. Post-editing audio to picture is available. Output up to 192KHz/24 bit in most formats, delivered via FTP, email, cloud, or even by an old-fashioned CD.



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Iowa City, Iowa


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Over 25 years experience in voiceovers and live announcing. Specializing in narrations, commercials, & characters and live announcing award shows, benefits, corporate functions, and all sorts of sports events.

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